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Welcome to the biggest island of the Mediterranean Sea, it has been the spotlight of different cultures and trade for thousand of years. Sicily has not only the biggest active volcano in Europe, Etna, but also the richest vegetation of the Mediterranean Sea with over 3,000 different species of plants.

Whether you plan your holidays in Sicily because of the cultural treasures or to relax, "Sicily Holiday Rentals" offers you the right accommodation: A Bed & Breakfast, a resort, a holiday house, an apartment or villa with pool - we takes care of all our guests under the same motto: personal, save and direct!

Holiday rentals in sicily


Your personal holiday consultant for villas, holiday houses, holiday apartments, bed & breakfasts and resorts in Sicily. We have many years of personal experience that we would love to share with you.

Be sure

We know each villa, holiday house, apartment, bed and breakfast and resort in our huge offer personally. The success of our work is to make your holidays in Sicily safe and relaxed.


We can offer a large selection of holiday rentals in Sicily directly from private owners. We know all the owners personally and have built up with them a very good network to meet your needs in the best possible way.

Villa Sicily

Villa or luxury villa: Deliciousness from Orient and Occident

Cultural variety is mirrored again in the famous Sicilian Cuisine which is amongst the oldest in Italy. Besides fish and pasta, rice and sweets are also part of the Sicilian specialities.

If you are into culinary luxury you are probably interested in our Villas in Sicily. Let yourself be spoiled and enjoy a relaxing holiday.

Villa Sicily
Holiday house Sicily

Holiday house in Sicily: The optimal relaxation

A breakfast on the terrace with sea views promises an excellent start to the day. Many of our vacation houses are only a few meters away from the beach and easily reached by foot. Our vacation houses are an ideal accommodation and stress-free place for groups, couples as well as families with children after an eventful day in Sicily. Many of our holiday houses have a swimming pool in addition! The kitchens are all in modern style and completely equipped with all necessities. So, there are no difficulties to prepare all fresh ingredients bought during the day and to finish the day having a delicious dinner with friends or family.

Holiday house Sicily
Holiday apartment Sicily

Holiday apartment in Sicily: Culture from all worlds

Sicily is the Garden of Eden between Africa, Orient and Occident. The numerous civilized nations which conquered Sicily throughout the centuries admired the breath-taking beauty of the island and all of these have left their cultural traces. The first Greek Temples were built in Sicily more than 2500 years ago, the same time as the capital of Sicily, Syrakus, was founded. The Arabs left monumental irrigation systems and mosaics during the 7th and 8th century. The Sicilian art characterises until nowadays has all the mixtures of those cultures which have lived here for centuries. Our holiday aparmtents in Sicily offers you both sufficient spare time and the necessary calm while enjoying the variety and the cultures of the island.

Holiday apartment Sicily
Bed & Breakfast in Sicily

Bed & Breakfast: Beach or Macchia

Sicily offers wonderful sandy beaches in the South, picturesque bays at the Northern and Eastern steep coast and numerous hotspots for divers. The midland gives many possibilities for endless walks and cycle tracks through the Macchia, a forest at the West and Southern coast. You can also discover old genuine villages of the back country, hidden between cork oaks, vineyards and olive groves. Our Bed & Breakfast offers you the ideal place to stay while discovering the many highlights of the island.

Bed & Breakfast in Sicily

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