The most beautiful beaches in Sicily for your holiday by the sea

On holiday in Sicily you want to sunbathe on the sandy beach and enjoy the clear water. We recommend the most spectacular, lonely, natural, longest and most beautiful beaches in Sicily

On a coastline of 1152 kilometers you will find white and golden sandy beaches, grey pebble beaches and black volcanic beaches. A variety that you will not find again in the whole Mediterranean area. For sun worshippers, families with children, sand castle builders, nature lovers, explorers, divers, snorkelers, kitesurfers, windsurfers, sailors, motor boat enthusiasts and everyone else, the beaches of Sicily are a true paradise on earth.

  • Destination Cefalù

    Destination in Sicily

    One of the most interesting towns and a must-see in Sicily. Located directly by the sea with a long sandy beach and a beautiful old town.

    Cefalù, Palermo, Sicily, Italy

  • Beach Mondello

    Beach in Sicily

    Mondello, Palermo, Sicily, Italy

  • Beach Scala dei Turchi

    Scala dei Turchi
    Beach in Sicily

    The Stair of the Turks (ital. Scala dei Turchi) is a bright white and step-like cliff and tourist attraction in the south of Sicily near Realmonte.

    Realmonte, Agrigento, Sicily, Italy

  • Nature reserve Vendicari

    Nature reserve in Sicily

    Snorkeling in the crystal clear sea, bird watching or hiking in the nature - the nature reserve Vendicari in the south of Sicily offers a lot more.

    Noto, Siracusa, Sicily, Italy

  • Beach Laghetti di Marinello

    Laghetti di Marinello
    Beach in Sicily

    Patti, Messina, Sicily, Italy

  • Beach Pietre Nere - Pozzallo

    Pietre Nere - Pozzallo
    Beach in Sicily

    Pozzallo, Ragusa, Sicily, Italy

  • Destination Donnalucata

    Destination in Sicily

    Donnalucata, Ragusa, Sicily, Italy

  • Destination Capo d'Orlando

    Capo d'Orlando
    Destination in Sicily

    Capo d'Orlando is a pretty town on the north coast of Sicily with a very long beach promenade ideal for walking and dining on sunset.

    Capo d'Orlando, Messina, Sicily, Italy

  • Destination Gioiosa Marea

    Gioiosa Marea
    Destination in Sicily

    Gioiosa Marea, Messina, Sicily, Italy