Stromboli - Aeolian Islands in Sicily

The island of Stromboli, with an active volcano, is probably the most famous of the Aeolian Islands and a popular destination among tourists.

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  • Latitude: 38.792442988037
  • Longitude: 15.211697816849
  • 98050 Stromboli
    Messina, Sicily, Italy

The island Stromboli with active volcano north of Sicily

The island of Stromboli is the northernmost of the Aeolian islands and just 12.5 km² in size. Most of the 600 inhabitants live in Stromboli, which stretches from the port to Piazza San Vincenzo. Here only electric mini transporters and motorized tricycles for the supply of the population as well as motor scooters of the inhabitants may drive, which lends a completely special charm to the island.

The inhabitants of the island live in cubic houses. The square shape of the rooms is intended to protect them from collapse in the event of volcanic earthquakes, while the central interior terrace offers protection from the wind, which almost constantly blows over the sea.

In the northeast of Stromboli, in the district of Scari, there is the mooring of the "traghetti" (ferries) and the "aliscafi" (hydrofoils). Only when the sea is calm can the ferries moor here. If the sea is too rough, Stromboli remains cut off from the outside world. You can enjoy swimming at the black lava beaches Spiaggia Lunga, Ficogrande and at the beach of Scari.

In the southwest lies the tiny village of Ginostra with its approximately 30 inhabitants. Since there are no roads in Ginostra, donkeys are the only means of transport on the steep footpaths.

But what really makes the island so special is the fact that it is home to the most active volcano in Europe, which gives it the shape of a cone and rises 926 metres above sea level. From the seabed, the height of Stromboli is even 3.000 m. Especially at night, the flames of the explosions can be seen from a distance and this explains why in ancient times it was called the "Lighthouse of the Mediterranean". Small boats go out to sea and stop in front of the Sciara del Fuoco, the fire slide. From here the almost 100 m high lava fountains can be seen.

An impressive experience is the ascent of the bubbling volcano. This volcano is under constant surveillance and is closed for tourists in times of increased activity or during bigger eruptions. The ascent leads over a steep path up to a height of 918 m to Pizzo, the rest of the old crater rim. Passing various geological rock layers you reach the summit. You will be rewarded for the sweaty 3 to 4 hour ascent with the sight of a fascinating natural spectacle.

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