Sicily offers many reasons for a holiday

A holiday in Sicily should be well planned, so you do not miss the most beautiful destinations, sights and beaches. In our guide you can inform yourself about various activities, such as tours to the volcano Etna, excursions to the Aeolian Islands or visits to archaeological sites such as Selinunte.

  • Nature reserve Parco dell’Etna

    Parco dell’Etna
    Nature reserve in Sicily

    Zafferana Etnea, Catania, Sicily, Italy

  • Destination Taormina

    Destination in Sicily

    If you are on holiday in Sicily, you can not miss the city of Taormina. This was already written by the german artist Johann Wolfgang von Goethe.

    Taormina, Messina, Sicily, Italy

  • Destination Cefalù

    Destination in Sicily

    Cefalù, Palermo, Sicily, Italy

  • Destination Palermo

    Destination in Sicily

    Palermo, Palermo, Sicily, Italy

  • Beach Mondello

    Beach in Sicily

    Mondello, Palermo, Sicily, Italy

  • Monument Selinunte

    Monument in Sicily

    Castelvetrano, Trapani, Sicily, Italy

  • Nature reserve Gole dell'Alcantara

    Gole dell'Alcantara
    Nature reserve in Sicily

    The gorges of 'Alcantara give us a unique scenery in the world, an unmissable and wonderful place.Ideal for the lovers of nature and excursions.

    Motta Camastra, Messina, Sicily, Italy

  • Destination Marzamemi

    Destination in Sicily

    The romantic fishing village in the Pachino area (region of Siracusa) is known for its tuna specialties and its charming atmosphere

    Marzamemi, Siracusa, Sicily, Italy

  • UNESCO World Heritage Val di Noto

    Val di Noto
    UNESCO World Heritage in Sicily

  • Destination Noto

    Destination in Sicily

    The baroque town of Noto in the Val di Noto, which was declared a World Heritage Site in 2002, is worth a visit and has many attractions.

    Noto, Ragusa, Sicily, Italy

  • UNESCO World Heritage Modica

    UNESCO World Heritage in Sicily

    The city of chocolate and 100 churches - the UNESCO World Heritage Site presents itself as a late Baroque Sicilian beauty of the Val di Noto.

    Modica, Ragusa, Sicily, Italy

  • Destination Ragusa

    Destination in Sicily

    Ragusa, Ragusa, Sicily, Italy

  • Destination Scicli

    Destination in Sicily

    Scicli situated in a natural setting of rare beauty like the Val di Noto, has been declared a natural heritage of UNESCO with Ragusa, Modica and Noto.

    Scicli, Ragusa, Sicily, Italy

  • UNESCO World Heritage Siracusa

    UNESCO World Heritage in Sicily

    In Syracuse we recommend you to visit the necropolis of Pantalica and the enchanting island of Ortygia, the oldest part of this impressive city.

    Siracusa, Siracusa, Sicily, Italy

  • Nature reserve Vendicari

    Nature reserve in Sicily

    Snorkeling in the crystal clear sea, bird watching or hiking in the nature - the nature reserve Vendicari in the south of Sicily offers a lot more.

    Noto, Siracusa, Sicily, Italy

  • Destination Trapani

    Destination in Sicily

    Trapani, Trapani, Sicily, Italy

  • Nature reserve Saline di Trapani e Paceco

    Saline di Trapani e Paceco
    Nature reserve in Sicily

    Nubia, Trapani, Sicily, Italy

  • Destination Erice

    Destination in Sicily

    Erice, Trapani, Sicily, Italy

  • Destination Catania

    Destination in Sicily

    Catania, Catania, Sicily, Italy

  • Destination Messina

    Destination in Sicily

    "Do you know the land where the cedars bloom? Splendon among the brown leaves oranges of gold, for the azure sky a gentle zephyr blows ...." (Goethe)

    Messina, Messina, Sicily, Italy

  • Beach Laghetti di Marinello

    Laghetti di Marinello
    Beach in Sicily

    Patti, Messina, Sicily, Italy

  • Church Santuario di Tindari

    Santuario di Tindari
    Church in Sicily

    Tindari, Messina, Sicily, Italy

  • Destination Santo Stefano di Camastra

    Santo Stefano di Camastra
    Destination in Sicily

    Wonderful village in Italy, located in Sicily between the sea and the mountains, where art, colors, culture and tradition mix together.

    Santo Stefano di Camastra, Messina, Sicily, Italy

  • Destination Milazzo

    Destination in Sicily

    Milazzo, belongs to the circle of the most beautiful villages in Italy thanks to it's beautiful monuments, such as the majestic and imposing castle.

    Milazzo, Messina, Sicily, Italy

  • Nature reserve Piscina di Venere

    Piscina di Venere
    Nature reserve in Sicily

    For hikers, nature enthusiasts, snorkelers, divers and explorers the Piscina di Venere on the Capo di Milazzo in Sicily is highly recommended. 

    Milazzo, Messina, Sicily, Italy

  • Lido Lido Moby Dick

    Lido Moby Dick
    Lido in Sicily

    Furnari, Messina, Sicily, Italy

  • Marina Portorosa

    Marina in Sicily

    Furnari, Messina, Sicily, Italy

  • Destination Novara di Sicilia

    Novara di Sicilia
    Destination in Sicily

    Novara di Sicilia, Messina, Sicily, Italy

  • Destination Montalbano Elicona

    Montalbano Elicona
    Destination in Sicily

  • Destination Acireale

    Destination in Sicily

    Acireale, Catania, Sicily, Italy

  • Destination Oliveri

    Destination in Sicily

    Oliveri, Messina, Sicily, Italy

  • Museum Parco Museo Jalari

    Parco Museo Jalari
    Museum in Sicily

    Barcellona P.G., Messina, Sicily, Italy

  • Destination Rodì Milici

    Rodì Milici
    Destination in Sicily

    Rodì Milici, Messina, Sicily, Italy

  • Destination Tonnarella

    Destination in Sicily

    Tonnarella, Messina, Sicily, Italy

  • Marina Porto Capo d'Orlando

    Porto Capo d'Orlando
    Marina in Sicily

    Capo d'Orlando, Messina, Sicily, Italy

  • Destination Favara

    Destination in Sicily

    Favara, Agrigento, Sicily, Italy

  • Destination Gioiosa Marea

    Gioiosa Marea
    Destination in Sicily

    Gioiosa Marea, Messina, Sicily, Italy