Scicli situated in a natural setting of rare beauty like the Val di Noto, has been declared a natural heritage of UNESCO with Ragusa, Modica and Noto.


Here are the coordinates for your GPS:

  • Latidude: 36.793236463664
  • Longitude: 14.706569484654

Scicli is one of the most fascinating cities in the Val di Noto, cradle of Sicilian baroque

it has about 27,000 inhabitants, in 2002 it was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

A beautiful Sicilian village located in the Iblei mountains, characterized by its dry-stone walls, its quarries and carobs.

Walking through the streets of the village you can admire many beautiful eighteenth-century buildings and wonderful churches.

At Piazza Italia stands the Chiesa Madre, where you can admire the Madonna delle Milizie, a papier-mâché work representing the Madonna on horseback, with a sword in hand, which fights against the Saracens.

In the same square there is also the Church of San Bartolmeo, where inside it is possible to admire a crib dating back to 1573.

Walking along via Mormino Penna, you reach Palazzo Beneventano, it is one of the most significant and most original Baroque monuments of the 700 in the province.

It is characterized by the artistic decorations of two dark brown heads at the top and S. Giuseppe at the bottom.

His masks make it alive and unique.

'... a pale golden yellow color that acquires an indescribable opulence in the sun ..' Sir Anthony Blunt spoke of it with these flattering terms, which he called 'the most beautiful baroque palace in Sicily'.

Continuing to walk on the same street, via Mormio Penna, which is also the most beautiful street of Scicli giungioamo before the Town Hall, which became famous because some scenes of the fiction of Commissioner Montalbano were shot.

In the same square you will find the church of S. Giovanni Evangelista and the Palzzo Spadaro, both examples of the beautiful Sicilian baroque.

Walking through the streets of Scicli is really impressive, the buildings are tinged with an ocher color that enhances even more the Baroque style.

In the evening, Scicli, with its warm and enveloping lights, offers you romantic moments.

For those who want the days to be truly unforgettable, in the evening we recommend a break in one of its restaurants where you can sip a fine wine.

Scicli is also folklore in March takes place the Cavalcata di San Giuseppe a procession that begins in front of the Church of San Giuseppe and then cross the whole country.

During the festival the streets of the village are illuminated by large bonfires.

The "Sacra Famiglia " is at the head of the procession, formed by horses harnessed with fragrant flowers.

At the end of the journey, people entertain themselves around bonfires, enjoying meat, roasted artichokes, and good wine.

Pier Paolo Pasolini during his stay in Chiafura, Scicli's little quartire said "Seen this way, from a distance, and from above, Scicli was what we call Sicily"

A few minutes away, you will find the seaside resorts of Donnalucata, Samperi, Cava d'Algida and Praya Grande with their sandy and golden beaches.

The crystalline sea with very shallow waters is ideal for children.

Nearby, you can not visit Ragusa and Modica, compulsory stops especially for those who are attracted by the Sicilian baroque.

What can I say ... Scicli is a baroque jewel, stuck in the rock.